Saturday, August 29, 2009

Normal Sauce

I decided to use a quote from one of my favorite TV gals, Liz Lemon, to say that UGH, as a result of having WAY too much fun last night, I am definitely NOT feeling too normal sauce today! Last night my friends and I went to a VERY yummy German restaurant in our town for dinner and REAL beer which they offer in two sizes, half and full liters...guess which one A Boston Belle chose? Yup I had a LITER of beer (pictures will come later) and was feeling VERY tipsy after dinner. Well of course the night did not end there and we ended up going to a house party, then my friends apartment before heading out to the bars, and I knew I was done when the room started spinning at the last bar, and I was just drinking water at that point!

What did make my morning MUCH better was that when I walked downstairs for some ginger ale (I don't know what it is but that ALWAYS makes me feel better!) and checked the mailbox I saw these two things waiting for me:


YAY!!! These magazines completely brightened up my day and I can't wait to read them while laying on my couch (or bed haha) Sorry for the completely random post this morning but I have to admit I really just wanted an excuse to use that quote from 30 rock!


  1. I love how German restaurants only offer two sizes for beer. And those liters are HUGE.

    Ginger Ale...helps all hangovers!!

  2. Ah, Liz...I love her. My fav Liz line - I want to go to there. :)

    I can't handle beer. My friends make fun of me, but at the end of the night, they are all feeling blah and I am A-OK.