Monday, August 31, 2009

Oink Oink

I'm going to apologize in advance because they're a bunch of random things I'm going to put into this post so its going to be like a bunch of mini posts in one!

First off...ok maybe it's just my school, my group of friends, and I know my hypochondria is DEFINITELY playing into this but has anyone else noticed that the subject of swine flu has been on EVERYONE'S mind's lately? It's seriously the only thing that anyone around here is talking about...the school has sent out like 800 emails, all of the professors have been talking about it in class, and my group of friends and I are talking about it because we obviously know that if one of us get's it, all of us will. To make matter's worse, one of my housemates has been feeling really sick today so we've been making her take her temp every 5 min and have basically convinced ourselves that she has it. Sooooo if I don't update my blog for awhile, I'm probably out buying a hazmat suit and curling up into the fetal position in my room!

Second of all how was everyone's weekend? Mine was GREAT but I def can't drink as much as I did both nights! Saturday was spent hanging out on the couch with my magazine/catalogue and Sunday I napped and did some work before my first sorority chapter of the year that night. Today was somewhat stressful (which is a story for a different post) however the definate HIGHLIGHT of the day was watching True Blood this afternoon on a break between classes. Um how amazing was that episode, and am I crazy or did Eric STILL look hot when he was in that dress? I also can't WAIT for the finale but can't believe that it's the Sunday after Labor Day....GRRRR.

Here are a couple fun pictures from the weekend (aka Friday night)

(My GIANT beer at the German restaurant)

tickledPINK and I with our beers

Senior and Junior KDs....ignore all of the empty Natty cans haha

(my dress from saturday night...I didn't have any cute pictures from that night but wanted to share the dress because I liked it!)

Lastly, I wanted to send a HUGE congrats out to my mama today for finishing her first day of school. After many years of working in the business world, and then being a stay at home mom, my mom decided to go back to school to become a vet technician which is something that she's always wanted to's so awesome that she's doing this now, and I also want to wish her GOOD LUCK on the upcoming year!

Sorry again for this very random post and I hope everyone had a good Monday/a great end of August!


  1. The dress looks cute! I am so jealous of you going back to school and enjoying sorority stuff...I miss my sisters so much! Enjoy every minute cause it goes by way too fast :)

  2. dang those beers are HUGE! and yay for your mama!

  3. I love, love, love that dress! So cute! I was a KD in college, too!

    Also, I am trying not to become crazy over swine flu (I already did that once this year when it first started), but everyone in my family and at work keeps talking about it which makes me focus on it even more! Hopefully it will not be as bad as some are predicting!

  4. Ahh, I totally agree about the swine flu thing! Way overrated. I went through my old college for a visit last weekend, and apparently my whole sorority had an outbreak--everyone was sent home to be quarantined! It's just like the regular flue, I so don't get it!

  5. You look adorable! These pictures make me miss college!

  6. Congrats to your mom! My mom just went back to school this year too although I can't remember exactly what. All I know is it's in the medical field.

  7. It looks like you had a wonderful weekend and those mugs of beer are GIANT! I cannot wait for the season finale of True Blood. I heart Eric too!