Monday, September 28, 2009

Good News and Bad News

Last night a very good friend of mine sent a facebook message to our group of friends saying that her mom and friends got 10 tickets to see Taylor Swift next weekend in Chicago but they couldn't go so she was wondering if we wanted to go instead. (Good News!)

The best part about the facebook message? The tickets are FREE (AMAZING News!!)

The only problem? My school has our home home horse show that weekend (both Saturday and Sunday) so there is literally NO way way I can go. (Bad...VERY Bad News)

So while my friends are enjoying Taylor I'll probably be at home going to bed early so I can get up at 6am on Sunday to stand in the cold watching (and riding) horses...BOOOO.

But (to not end on a completely bad note...I just checked the 10day weather forecast and its supposed to be in the 60s all week! Woohoo Fall is officially here!! A better post much later!


  1. That stinks that you have to miss out on seeing Taylor, but I'm sure the horse show will be really fun!

  2. That stinks! :( Im sorry girl! Hope the horse show goes well though...

  3. Too bad, that you can't see Taylor Swift, but I'm sure that you'll have an awesome time at the horse show! And, I'm sure Taylor will be touring again soon!

  4. With the weather being nice, I'm sure that you'll have fun. Good luck at the horse show!

  5. I know right. That email cracked my whole office up. Love the toile background. Toile is one of my faves. My twitter background is pink and green toile