Sunday, September 13, 2009

Sunday Night tv

I have a 3 page paper thats due in an hour, and of course I haven't started it yet but I wanted to share so of my quick thoughts on the main things on tv tonight: True Blood and the VMAs. Ok so True Blood first: Ehhhh...did anyone else think it was just ok? I thought parts were good, I'm curious about Sam's real parents, but there was definitely NOT enough Eric for my liking, and the ending with Bill and Sookie really just made me kinda depressed.

Now the WOW. Ok so we dvred it, and have just been fast-forwarding to the good parts but poor Taylor Swift. I can't BELIEVE that Kanye did that and kudos to her for not running off the stage crying like I probabaly would have done. Lady Gaga is WAY more cracked out than I thought and kudos to whoever thought to pair Eminem and Tracy Morgan together for those Best New Artist shorts...SO funny!

ETA: Wow, I don't really like her but VERY cool and classy Beyonce, and Lady Gaga you look like a lion.


  1. Did not see the VMA's - must go watch the DVR!

    Hope you have a great week!

  2. Gaga is nuts and Kanye is a jerk. Period. The VMA's sucked this year in my opinion!

  3. I saw some clips of the VMAs online. Kanye is so mean!!

  4. Team Taylor! I can't believe what a loser K.West is, and I was really impressed that Beyonce invited Taylor back up to the podium to finish her speech.

    There are no words for the crazy outfits Gaga chose....

  5. I heard about Kanye's antics...JACKASS. But he always is so no surprise.

  6. I always liked Beyonce ^.^