Monday, September 21, 2009

My Latest Procrastination Method

After barely finishing one paper, and haven't yet started on the second (which is due tomorrow at 10am in case you were wondering) you would think that I would be frantically trying to write the paper so I could get to bed at a normal hour. Nope... after watching the Emmys and totally falling in LOVE with Neil Patrick Harris, but being slightly confused when the "Dr. Horrible" bit happened I hulued (is that a verb? Oh well it is now) it to see what it was all about. For anyone that doesn't know (like me) during the writers strike NPH starred in this web musical thing (sorry I'm not being eloquent I think my writing skills are shot right now haha) about a small time villian trying to become a "super-villian" and it is FANTASTIC!! It has these fantastic songs that are stuck in my head right now and is both funny and sweet and the same time. I haven't finished it yet, but every time I finish a page I'm going to let myself watch a little bit more, and if you're ever bored and looking for some entertainment I HIGHLY suggest you watch this! Here's the link (I would embed it but the whole thing's 45min which is a little long to put on here!)


  1. I heart Neil Patrick Harris, too! So funny and How I Met Your Mother is my fave!

  2. I procrastinate too much as well, I need to get better since I am working full time and taking two classes, yikes! Thanks for distracting me, lol!