Tuesday, September 15, 2009

When I Grow Up

I just got back from a cover letter/resume workshop, and in order to put off Jillian/cleaning my room, I started looking at my school's career website, and other job sites just to see what's out there. After looking at a couple listings, I realized that I have absolutely NO idea what I want to do with my life. Actually, that's a lie...after watching like 1800 hours of the travel channel these past couple days I realized I want to be:

Yup, I TOTALLY want to be Samantha Brown. Anyone know how I can grab her job?

PS~ Sorry to everyone out there for SUCKING in my commenting lately...one of my classes ends next week so I will be alot better after that!


  1. Don't fret! There are soo many career counselors out there and internships to get you in a direction! You'll find something to be excited about!

  2. My boyfriend and I were just talking about this. How do you become one of those travel channel people -- cause I feel like I could do that amazingly too! ha!

    But seriously, you will figure it out, or even better, it will just come your way!

  3. I hear ya! Thinking about starting to apply for jobs is stressing me out hardcore. Good luck with your search :)

  4. She really has an AMAZING job! Imagine getting paid to stay in sweet hotels and travel to awesome places???

    You'll figure out a job that is right for you eventually!

  5. seriously me too!! travel the world stay at beautiful hotels! eat delicious food!